Islamic Education

islamicThe includes: ajveed-ul-Quran, knowledge of fundamentals of Islam, learning of ‘Namaz’ with translation, ‘Hifz’ of selected Surahs and Ayaat from the Holy Quran, inculcation of social virtues, study of life of the Holy Prophet ( صلى اله عليه وسلم), and that of early caliphs and heroes of Islam. The School utilizes the services of qualified and dedicated teachers for Islamic education.

A large mosque has been built in the Township Campus where all the members of the staff and the senior boys of the Boys High School offer their ‘Zuhr’ prayer in congregation. The facility for offering ‘Zuhr’ prayer is also ensured in other campuses where specific places have been reserved and maintained for this purpose. Separate rooms have been earmarked in each Girls School for offering prayers by the lady teachers and girl students.