Science Laboratories

sclabOur school lays great emphasis on science education as it enables man to explore and understand nature and exploit its resources for the growing needs of the humanity at large. The study of science helps an individual to penetrate deep into varied phenomena about the universe and the objects scattered all around him. A Science Laboratory is the relevant place where the students get opportunities to develop scientific outlook and seek answers to their questions and queries. Their curiosity can be satisfied only if they are provided with necessary equipment to work and carry out experiments for confirming various phenomena.

Keeping in view the vital role of Science Laboratories, separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology have been established in Boys and Girls High Schools. These laboratories have all the necessary equipment and adequately fulfill the requirements of students of elementary and secondary levels. Students of Junior School perform various educational activities in specially designed activity rooms. In order to carry out scientific studies, a botanical garden has been developed at the Township Campus where the students study different types of plants in their natural environment.