The Punjab School Campuses


This campus is sprawled over 66 kanals, and consists of four academic blocks the Preschool, Junior School, Girls High School and Boys High School, having a covered area of over 200,000 square feet. The preschool takes care of Nursery, Prep & Class1. Classes from II to V for boys and girls are housed in the Junior School. Girls and boys from VI to X are accommodated in the respective high Schools. This is a twelve section school with a capacity to accommodate 5300 students.


This campus, spread over 13 kanal, consists of two separate academic blocks, Junior and Girl’s High School, and Boys’ High School, with a covered area of over 177,000 square feet for accommodating 3300 students. The Junior and Girls high School accommodates Preschool (Nursery, Prep & I), junior school (Boys and Girls from Class II to V) and Girls of VI to X. the Boys of class VI to X are housed in the Boy’s high School. These beautifully designed edifices stand out as a leading centre of academic excellence in the northern part of Lahore.


This state of the art campus, spread over 52 kanals, consisting of four Academic blocks, an auditorium, a sports complex and the residential apartments for the Teaching staff. This campus, once completed, will cater for the educational needs of about six thousand students. Presently students of Nursery Prep and 1 are studying in Preschool and girls of class II to IX are housed in the Girls Block and Boys of Class II to IX are housed in the Boys High School.


The Makkah Foundation is establishing another state-of-the-art campus,spraweled over 27 kanals,consisting of the three Academic blocks and one Administration Block.This is an eight-section school with a capacity to accommodate over 3500 Students.Phase I has already started with the construction of the Girls High School and other allied facilities.In Phase II, Preschool and in Phase III, the Boys High School will be Constructed. However the classes from Playgroup to calss V are likely to be functional Marach 2022. InshaAllah.


This campus, spread over 15 kanals, consists of two separate academic block, Junior & Girls High School and Boys High School with a covered area of about 125,000 square feet, for the academic needs of 3300 students. The level of Classes and gender distribution follows the pattern of Kot Khawaja Saeed Campus. This , a state the art, alma mater stands aloof from the rest due to its highly conductive academic atmosphere and its march towards excellence.


13 KM, Sheikhupura - Sharaqpur Road, Near Nagina Mills, Sheikhupura.