Health Cares

The school takes utmost care of students’ health and well-being. A full-time Medical Officer assisted by a qualified nurse attends to the health needs of the students during the school hours. Necessary arrangements for first aid and the treatment of minor injuries/ailments are readily available at the school campus. The school also arranges the visits of specialists once or twice in session for the medical examination of students.

School Counselling Programme

The School has initiated Counselling and Guidance Programme with a view to providing support to the students in the areas of academics, social, emotional, career and personal development. This Programme provides equal opportunities to all the students to receive guidance and counselling. Counselling services also empower teachers with necessary skills to address students’ problems and to cope with their personal and social stressors. For effective management, collaboration is maintained with parents and teachers. .


There are many options to travel in the campus.

The School manages a fleet of 22 school buses for providing transport facility to the students and the members of the teaching staff of Township, Kot Khawaja Saeed, Johar Town, Khayaban-e-Jinnah and WAPDA Town Campuses. These buses also provide conveyance facilities to the students during recreational trips. The parents willing to opt bus facility for their children are advised to contact the respective Transport Supervisor pertaining to the routes of the school buses.


More than 1000 parking lots avilable in the west side of the compus. The parking is available 24 hours with 24hours security. We make sure that everything is under control.


The classrooms in all the campuses are purpose built, spacious well-lit and ventilated. These are furnished with necessary visual aids to ensure a superior academic environment. The furniture has been designed to ensure a comfortable and convenient posture for the ages and stages of students. Each classroom ensures perfect academic aura for maximum learning opportunities.

Swimming Pools

The Township Campus provides facility of swimming pool for students at a nominal fee. There are two separate fully-roofed swimming pools-one for the senior and the other for the junior students. These swimming pools are equipped with latest technology of filtration and heating arrangements providing year-round facility to our swimmers. Qualified and experienced ladies and gents swimming coaches supervise and train the boy and the girl students separately in swimming sessions.


The Punjab school is one of the few institutions in Pakistan that has introduced Squash at school level. The Khayaban e Jinnah Campus houses two imposing Squash Courts with a covered area of 3,756 square feet, elegantly furnished with AC, recommended illuminations & lockers facility. Its building material has been imported from Germany in order to meet the international standards. A well-qualified and experienced coach trains the students.


In Khayaban e Jinnah Campus, a state-of-the-art auditorium with excellent acoustics has been constructed. It is superbly equipped with the best visual and interactive tools designed to facilitate smooth presentations and performances. It can comfortably accommodate over 400 participants.


Modern education involves the use of new systems and techniques in teaching. A step has been taken by the school to introduce interactive boards for the education of the students. These Interactive Boards, which have been installed in every campus of “The Punjab School”, will make the process of learning easy and fast. Initially eleven Interactive Boards are in use and in future their number will be increased.


The School has Provided Multimedia systems to all its campuses. Currently twenty three multimedia systems are in use. By incorporating multimedia in instruction, the teachers are capturing attention engaging learners by providing effective instructional activities explaining difficult concept and inspiring creativity.


MP3 Multimedia Speakers are used in Preschool for the presentation of rhymes and conversational sentences. Their use is helping students comprehend and learn things more effectively. School has provided 166 MP3 Multimedia Speakers to the wings concerned.


Keeping in View the vital role of Science laboratories separate laboratories for Physics Chemistry and Biology have been established in Boys and Girls High School. These laboratories have all the Necessary equipment and adequately fulfill the requirements of students of elementary and secondary levels. Students of junior school perform various Educational activities in specially designed activity rooms. A botanical garden has been developed at the Township Campus in order to carry out scientific studies where the students study different types of plants in their natural environment.


Extensive reading is an important skill which is mostly developed at school level. In order to provide opportunities for extensive reading, the schools have established separate and independent libraries in all the blocks. These libraries are managed by the qualified and experienced staff. A vast collection of books in Urdu and English, on various subjects, including encyclopedias, are available to develop the reading taste of the students. All classes have regular library periods so that the students may benefit themselves from these storehouses of knowledge.


All the schools have separate shopping centers comprising book-shop, hair wigs shop, dress shop, canteen and uniform stop to cater the needs of the students. These centre supply them good quality item at comparatively cheaper rates. The eatable items at the canteens are prepared hygienically. The quality and standard of foods is monitored for the health safety standards.


The school takes utmost care of students' health and well-being. A full-time medical officer assisted by a qualified nurse attends to the health needs of the students during the school hours. Necessary arrangements for first aid and the treatment of minor injuries/ailments are readily available at the school campus. The school also arranges the visits of specialists once or twice in a session for the medical examination of students.


Building plan of each school campus ensures the availability of a multipurpose hall for indoor games and holding routine functions.

Sports & Physical Education

Sports, physical education and exercise develop self-confidence and serve to instill a sense of pride in the students. Physical and sportsmanship training enhances the confidence of even a modest child. The schools have compulsory games period with facilities for outdoor and indoor activities under the guidance and supervision of experienced sports coaches. The Township Campus has a 320 feet long and 210 feet wide main play ground for playing Hockey, Football and Cricket. Facilities for track events are also available. The other two sports1campuses provide facilities for indoor games like Table Tennis and Badminton. Our students are not only excelling academically but also making new records in swimming. Our swimmers put up a tremendously tough display of their sports mettle in provincial and national swimming competitions and bring laurels to their alma mater. We are proud to mention that our old student Salman Akbar has been the captain of the National Hockey Team. Salman started playing the game in the Township Campus. He was the captain of the school hockey team.